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Are you wondering why some people find new jobs easily when others are constantly struggling? Do you want to learn how to be hired for the best positions, the ones that can give you a 30%, 40%...60% salary increase? Do you need a new job NOW?

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My name is Fabien and I am the Founder of ExcellenceResumes, the World's #1 Personal Branding Agency for job seekers. In the past two years, I have personally helped more than 1,400 people like you land their next role. 

Looking for a new job can quickly become a real nightmare. You may have had the worst feelings after sending countless resumes and not getting a single interview or you might currently be underpaid and it's urgent that you make a move. You might also be wondering what is the fastest way to get a huge salary jump, a salary that gives justice to the countless hours you spent studying to become an expert in your field? 


I Know How You Feel Because I Have Been There Before! Like You, I used to Ask Myself All These Questions Until I Finally Cracked The Code A few Years Ago!


I used to feel that way too.

In my early twenties, I had to work in a grocery shop selling veggies. It was the worst experience in my life and I was depressed. I hated my job and my boss. I was underpaid. The worst part was I already had a few diplomas under my belt, but almost NOBODY wanted to hire me...

Then someone changed my life forever. 

A friend of mine introduced me to a career coach, Ben. We had a very long chat and together we talked about what I was doing wrong. I was convinced that the problem was not me, it was the job market and recruiters who couldn't see my potential. I WAS WRONG. We found ways to position myself better through my resume, how to improve my performance during phone and face-to-face interviews and we also worked on my approach towards companies and recruiters. 

In the end, Ben also re-wrote my whole resume to help me out...

Since then, I have NEVER been looking for a job for more than 3 weeks!

12 years later, I am often still offered jobs even if I am not looking for any!  

Here are some of the incredible things I managed to do thanks to Ben's advice:

  • I moved to 6 different countries and got hired in less than three weeks in all of them.
  • I landed a role as a store director in Spain with 110 employees under me when I could barely speak SPANISH!
  • I got hired by an American company operating in the Hospitality industry in Thailand, when I had literally ZERO experience in the hotel industry (and I lived in 5-star hotels with free access to everything).
  • I worked at the Australian Grand Prix of Formula 1 and talked to Lewis Hamilton (one of the world's most famous drivers), when I didn't even know anything about F1!
  • I landed a job as a Sales Director (Acting GM) of a wine company in Singapore... when all I knew about wines was how to differentiate a white wine, a red wine and a rosé!



If You Are Not Getting Similar Results In Your Job Search, You Are Doing Something Wrong...


If you want to do everything yourself, you will struggle for the rest of your life. Your resume and its content are critical to your success, as well as your approach, your online profile, the way you handle your interviews... all these elements are integral parts of the hiring process and it's so easy to screw them up. A single mistake can get you instantly rejected.

Think about it: the best leaders in this world are very good at... DELEGATING. And you know why? It would take them ages to try to master everything. It Is Impossible. 

Now that you have your resume layout on hand, it's time to fill it up with some powerful content. Once you start landing interviews, you will need access to my *Secret Weapon* that will help get hired on the spot each time you go to a job interview...


Introducing ...


A powerful guide to help you be extremelly effective during your job interviews. This guide will give you an immense, unfairly good advantage over any other job applicant who, like you, might be fighting hard to get this same job.

In this guide, you will find:

  • The 4 SECRETS To A Winning Interview Answer - What recruiters want to hear in your answer. 
  • The Best Interview Strategy Of All Times - A guaranteed method to totally impress the recruiters.
  • The "Hidden Job Market" - Where to find job offers with almost ZERO competition!
  • The "Attraction Factor" - How to boost your grooming and attitude to leave a WOW impression.
  • The 11 Questions You MUST Dominate and their reply -  Responses to the sneakiest interview questions that you've been fearing!
  • AS AN EXTRA: LIVE RECORDING OF THE PERFECT REPLIES TO THE TRICKIEST QUESTIONS YOU MIGHT FACE DURING AN INTERVIEW (Value Bomb!): Why did you leave your last job? Tell me about yourself? Why do you think are you qualified for this job? And a lot more...



All the content and secrets shared in this eGuide have been tested and approved by hundreds of people and you are just a few clicks away from it.

It will position you as THE PERFECT CANDIDATE every time you go for a job interview...even if other candidates are more qualified than you!


"I am blown away! I got the job - with a VERY comfortable salary increase! 

I got approached by recruiters offering me almost the double of my current salary. That's incredible!

I landed a job at one of the leading firms in a matter of weeks."

- Memynkorn Chia 


Here Is A Summary Of What Will Happen After You Read My Interview Guide...

  • No More "Interview Stress" - You will be ready to handle even the toughest interviewers.
  • No More " LOW SALARY OFFERS" - Recruiters will be so convinced you are the right fit they will accept your salary expectations, even if they are high.
  • Ready For The "Tricky Questions" - You will embrace any question from the recruiter since you will have the perfect replies ready.
  • The Interview Strategy That Converts - Discover how to tell your story in an engaging way.
  • Show You Real Value - Finally master the art of selling your skills and experience to any company!
  • Accumulate Job Offers - Convert all your interviews into job offers and select the most attractive one!
  • And Many More ...

Don't Under-Estimate Your Competiton, You Are NOT ALONE!

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Interview Voice Recording

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