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Emmanuel White | Co-Founder

Boutique Human Capital Consultancy Firm

GEOGRAPHIC SCOPE: Singapore, Southeast Asia and main cities of Asia-Pacific.
PROFILES: Senior Management Leaders with a minimum of 10 years of work experience.
ROLES and FUNCTIONS: C-Level, General and Senior Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain and Human Resources functions. Subject Matter expert: Headquarter establishment, Start-up, Manufacturing, Commerce, FMCG, F&B, e-Commerce and Supply Chain.

Website: www.welinktalent.com. Contact: Reach out to Emmanuel at [email protected]

Tom Sorensen | Partner & Headhunter

International Executive Search Firm

GEOGRAPHIC SCOPE: Thailand only.
PROFILES: Manufacturing, Industrial, Energy, Logistics, Supply Chain, Consumer Products, Financial Services, Professional Service, Technology, Media, Telecom, Travel and Tourism, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, IT, MIS, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Operations.
ROLES and FUNCTIONS: From Top Executives to C-Suite and management positions.

Website: www.boyden.co.th. Contact: Reach out to Tom at [email protected]

Richard Ee | Partner

International Executive Search Consultants Firm

GEOGRAPHIC SCOPE: Singapore, Asean.
PROFILES: Executives who believe they are on a growth trajectory with a window of 10 years longevity.
ROLES and FUNCTIONS: VP, MD, GM, Director. Areas- HR, Finance, Sales, General Management, Subject Matter Expert. Industrial, Chemical, and Oil & Gas.

Website: www.faithgladmore.com. Contact: Reach out to Richard at [email protected]

Manish Gupta | Partner & Executive Director

International Executive Search Firm

GEOGRAPHIC SCOPE: Singapore, Asia.
PROFILES: Candidates from Top 5 Management consulting and Strategy Consulting firms globally, experience range from 5 years to 20 years. Target Companies: BCG, Bain, Mckinsey, AT Kearney, Oliver Wyman, Roland Berger and other top consulting firms. All industry practices. Industry Leaders from top High Tech companies, Online travel and Tourism. Top Internet, e-Commerce and online companies and startups.
ROLES and FUNCTIONS: Leadership C-Level suite of candidates.

Website: www.exec-searchpartners.com. Contact: Reach out to Manish at [email protected]

Elliot Jackson | Head of Contracting

Global Recruitment Consultancy Firm

GEOGRAPHIC SCOPE: Singapore + Ireland, England, France, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia.
PROFILES: All Types. Elliot heads the Contracting team across all Markets, so his role overlaps all of the areas below. ROLES and FUNCTIONS: Junior through to Senior mandates. Looks at roles from $3,000 per month to more than $500,000 per annum. Industries: Financial Services (Front Office, Middle Office & Back Office), Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain and Procurement, Commerce, Finance, HR & Business Support, IT.

Website: www.morganmckinley.com.sg. Contact: Reach out to Elliot at [email protected] or +65 6818 3188

Harpreet Kaur | Manager of HR Recruitment Team.

International Headhunting firm London Stock Exchange Listed

GEOGRAPHIC SCOPE: South East Asia. PROFILES: CHRO, HRD, Snr HRBP. ROLES and FUNCTIONS: Regional HRD, Snr HRBP. Website: www.lmarecruitment.sg. Contact: Reach out to Harpreet at [email protected]; +65-6818 3175 or www.linkedin.com/in/harpreet-kaur-28360b5b/

Anthony Micciche | President and Founder

Headhunting Firm

GEOGRAPHIC SCOPE: Singapore, France.
PROFILES: Middle to Senior level professionals.
ROLES and FUNCTIONS: Recruitment (IT, Marketing, HR, Construction Engineering), training in recruitment and payroll management, individual recruitment coaching.

Website: www.recruting.fr. Contact: Reach out to Anthony at [email protected] or +33 608789529

Peter Dowling | Associate Director

International Executive Search Firm

GEOGRAPHIC SCOPE: Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan.
PROFILES: Usually positions in startups and mid-sized vendors. Typically software vendors and financial technology.
ROLES and FUNCTIONS: Sales, account management and business development. Senior individual contributor level up to sales directors and VPs.

Website: https://www.rgf-executive.com Email: [email protected], Call: 64391437, LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterdowlingsingapore/

Danny Vilaysack | Senior Recruitment Consultant

International Headhunting Firm

PROFILES: 5 years minimum mainly on Corporate Finance roles with team management or/and APAC regional experience. Open to discuss with Banking and Insurance profiles.
ROLES and FUNCTIONS: From senior manager to C-Suite.

Website: www.timeo-performance.com. Contact: Reach out to Danny at [email protected]

Jennifer Dai | Headhunter, Legal & Compliance Specialist

International Headhunting firm London Stock Exchange Listed

GEOGRAPHIC SCOPE: South East Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc) and Greater China (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan).
PROFILES: Middle to Senior level professionals.
ROLES and FUNCTIONS: Legal, Compliance and Risk sectors recruitment for Commerce MNC and Financial Institutions in APAC.

Website: www.lmarecruitment.sg. Contact: Reach out to Jennifer at [email protected] or +65 66324697.

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